NewPantsFor the past few years I’ve been using Squarespace as the home for Formal Sweatpants. It’s an awesome webdesign service that I’d highly recommend to at least try if you’re interested in having your own site. But it wasn’t a great fit for a webcomic (formatted more so for blogs) so I’ve taken a few weeks off from regular comic updates to update FSP using WordPress with the ComicPress plugin. I wanted to have a site that was easier to click around on and gave me the option of adding a blog/sketchbook section.

I’ll be making small changes over the next few weeks but here it is.┬áIf you have any suggestions or feature requests let me know in the comments below. Note: I’m going to be customizing the next/previous/random buttons and adding a best of section. Also, there’s a few old comics missing that I’ll be posting soon.

- Josh